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Development Trend Of Domestic Industry Remained Stable Hardware Bearing
Aug 26, 2016

Metal bearing industry has remained stable in the country, as the market continues to develop, more attention to precision bearing products, categories, and performance. Market demand rising, requiring domestic enterprises actively developed to meet the market demand for high-end products, in order to reach through independent innovation and branding to boost domestic demand, and basic mechanical foundry industry into the international field.

In the "Twelve-Five" plan, under the guidance of China foundry industry to develop high-end bearing industry development plan. Developed to project two carriages and export driven development approach of Chinese mold industry. Believe in mass transit, medical equipment, energy, aerospace, lightweight automobile and other fields of development led by China bearing foundry industry was significantly improved.

Machinery foundry industry in traditional markets making steady progress and is actively exploring new channels. Today China foundry industry is moving in high product quality and reduce the manufacturing cost of the development direction and strive to reach or approach international advanced level. Expected to 201 years, high-end bearing foundry industry sales reach 222 billion yuan.