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Linxi Bearing Industry Development Summit Forum Held
Aug 26, 2016

Linxi bearing industry development Summit Forum held this event with "new normal economy bearing industry innovation and development" as its theme, aims to strengthen bearing industry innovation-driven development, promote bearing industry's technological innovation capability and core competitiveness and sustainable development, accelerating industrial restructuring and upgrading, improve quality and efficiency. From University experts and management representative with respect to the bearing industry in China under the new normal, the bearing and bearing materials to share and discuss topics such as the trend.

Shi Shue stated that the event is in 2016 the city's "hundred institutes xingtai" organized the first event, open the "Thirteen-Five" hundreds of talents in xingtai's curtain. A group of school-enterprise cooperation projects signed, to further improve the industry chain, enrich the industrial business, enhance the sustainability of development. Linxi hope based on a new starting point, sought a new leap forward, bearing the characteristic industry cluster advantages into full play to further accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, for the city's economic development and contribute to greater power.