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Market Analysis Of Cylindrical Bearings In 2016 To The Bearing Industry
Aug 26, 2016

Bearings are machinery and equipment parts, known as the machinery of "joints", is an important foundation for the equipment manufacturing industry. Bearing generally refers to rolling bearings are bearing part of the rotation of the shaft, generally consists of four parts: the inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements, cages.

Bearing of both inside and outside circle and the scroll body of material main for bearing steel, including high carbon chrome, and carburizing steel, and stainless steel, and steel, and tool steel, metal, also also has ceramic, and plastic, and graphite and carbon fiber, non-metallic material as bearing material of products; keep frame material including steel, and ductile iron, and bronze, and brass, and light alloy, and phenolic laminated cloth tube, and glass fiber enhanced phenolic resin,.

In modern industry, bearings are widely used in transportation machinery, engineering machinery, precision machine tools, instruments, and many other fields, for the world's machinery industry and plays an important role in the development of other industries.