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National Standardization Technical Committee Of Sliding Bearing Incorporated In Jiashan
Aug 26, 2016

National Technical Committee of Standardization Technical Committee-self-lubricating bearings of sliding bearing General and the second session of the Conference convened this morning in the County. Consideration through the metal mesh matrix of PTFE soft belt technical specifications and test methods and the diamond-shaped bronze plates of solid lubricant specifications and test methods of two national standards.

It is understood that national standardization Technical Committee of plain bearings self-lubricating bearings the Technical Committee was established in September 2008 in the County, as a member of the County, Zhejiang changsheng sliding bearings Co Ltd and Zhejiang SF Oilless bearing company limited, were involved in the drafting of these two standards. In the County, production has accounted for the industry of self-lubricating bearing 70% of the national production, meanwhile, changsheng, flying scale enterprise technology research and development, led by self-lubricating bearings r level at the national forefront.