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Preparation For Bearing Installation And Attention Problems
Aug 26, 2016

1, the installation site options and requirements

Shenzhen non-standard bearings learned of soaring wholesale at the installation site should be with lathes, grinders and other machinery and equipment from a distance. Site should be clean, keeping a clean and dry to prevent scrap iron, sand, dust and water into the bearing.

2, check the bearing type, ready for installation tools

Testing IKO bearing type, size meets the installation requirements and non-standard bearing structure feature and conjunction with the various parts of, choosing the proper Assembly methods, and are ready to install with tools and measuring tools.

3, the test surface of the bearing Assembly

IKO bearings matched Assembly surfaces and parts of surfaces, such as scratches, rust, debris, sand, dust, and dirt, a mounting difficulties, resulting in incorrect Assembly position; two of these attachments form abrasive and easily chafes gjp bearing surface, affect the quality. Therefore, installed before the shaft, bearing surface of shell holes, shoulder end surface, and connected components such as bushings, washers, end of mating surfaces, carefully tested.