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Present Situation And Development Trend Of Industrial Robot Bearings
Aug 26, 2016

After half a century of development, industrial robot due to its high repeat accuracy and reliability, the advantages of strong resistance to harsh environments, have been widely used in automobile manufacturing and other fields. The popularization and application of industrial robots are car companies automate production, improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce labor and manufacturing costs, effective means of enhancing industry competitiveness.

Domestic industrial robots manufacturing industry in the 1980 of the 20th century "75" scientific and technological research started at the national scientific and technological projects, "863" plan of support, after more than 10 years of development, production and application of China's robotics industry from scratch, out of step. At present, China's market for industrial robots, imported by the heavy industrial robot is relatively large, compared with foreign brands, domestic robots in time of trouble-free operation, positioning accuracy, speed and precision gap is mainly reflected in the core component technology standards. Industrial robot bearing as key components for industrial robots, robot running smoothness, repeatability, Rotary precision and reliability, such as key performance indicators is important.