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The Characteristics And Structure Of The Ball-bearing Production
Oct 25, 2017

Characteristics of the ball bearing products

It is mainly subjected to radial load, and can withstand the smaller axial load. Shaft (shell) axial displacement limit within the clearance limit, with automatic self-aligning properties, allowed inside and outside under the condition of relatively little inclined to work properly, is suitable for bearing seat holes can't strictly ensure the alignment of parts.

Ball bearing structure

With dust cover with seals and self-aligning ball bearing assembly has fill in the right amount of grease, before installation should not be heating also don't have to be clean, without lubrication, in use process to adapt to the operating temperature - 30 ℃ to + 120 ℃. The main use of adjustable ball bearing: suitable for precision instrument, low noise motor, automobile, motorcycle and general machinery, etc., is the most widely used type of bearing in mechanical industry

self-aligning ball bearing.jpg