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United Kingdom NAD Launched Long-life Single Row Radial Thrust Ball Bearing
Aug 26, 2016

Leading global provider of high performance bearing solution provider United Kingdom NAD (NAPB United Kingdom aviation precision Group brands) for industrial pumps, the introduction of single row radial thrust ball bearings long life "radial thrust ball bearings with special industrial pumps", which is scheduled to go on sale in July 2016. Improved load capacity and lubrication, longer than the company's original product has increased by approximately 80%.

So, using 1.8 times longer service life of the bearings of the same size, will intensify industrial pump maintenance intervals, reduce operation cost. In addition, does not change the set of life circumstances, through the use of smaller bearings, can achieve miniaturization and energy-saving design of industrial pumps.

Due to the space inside the bearing, lubricant flow/discharge is increased, therefore, the bearing temperature can be reduced by about 5 c 10% –.