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When Purchasing Products Bearing Its Life
Aug 26, 2016

Bearing is the common base of machinery parts, and mechanical rotating body, swing or line movement bearing. That is, all machinery, equipment, motors, motor vehicles and other moving parts on a host, including the rotary motion and oscillating motion and linear motion, all bearings are required to support. Recently, the Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision was carried out in the province bearing products supervision and inspection carried out 59 59 batches of rolling bearings of the company in the province, failed 6 batches, batch failure rates for 10.17%. Product non-conformance mainly size (inner diameter and outer ring width), clearance, residual magnetism, vibration (vibration), lifetime reliability.

Correct selection of bearings, related to the host can obtain good performance, long service life. Therefore, the selection of qualified bearing products, shorten maintenance cycles of enterprises, reduce maintenance costs and improve the efficiency of operation of the machine, have a very important role. Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision to remind consumers or when using the unit in the selected bearing products, should be based on bearing operating conditions, selection of bearing type, accuracy, vibration level, and clearance sections, and then depending on bearing life, select suitable bearing with acceptable quality and performance